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A minstrel wanders into the village. The crowd gathers as he brings royal news from afar: The Minstrel cries, “Princesses from the four corners of the world, and Little Dudes who dare are called to gather on the Fourth Day of May, in the year Twenty Fourteen, to celebrate in this grand festival of children. It will take place in the territory of Oklahoma, in the City of Oklahoma City on the banks of the mighty Oklahoma River.” He continues, “It shall be the Fifth Gathering of the Princess Run Festival and the Little Dude Dash.”

During the festival, there will be magical happenings to and from, here and there that will engage the senses and capture the imagination. We shall run hither and yon, with joy and glee until we cross that fabulous finish line, where we shall receive our award of medal. Thereafter, we will commence to dance and sing; with food and drink – to express ourselves through the arts, to row the mighty river and to play with other magical things that bounce, float, zip and fly!

Yes, this is the most Annual Princess Run Festival & Little Dude Dash – the Oklahoma River Festival of Children. We will announce the registration date in early February. Please be so kind as to honor us with your child’s presence. It will be story in their memories that you can help write. It is a festival that as the years pass, they will bring their own Princesses and Little Dudes as well – and oh, the memories! That fabulous day down by the river …

As always dear Princesses and Little Dudes, we are at your service.

~ The Honorable Committee of Royal Pains

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