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Important Festival and Run Instructions

Princess Run/Walk Instructions & Child Safety Policy

Welcome to the 5th Annual Princess Run Festival and Little Dude Dash!  We’ve been working away preparing for this magical day down by the river!  We want the day to be a safe and memorable experience for participants and grown-ups!  Here’s the do’s and don’ts – and our overall safety instructions.  Follow these instructions and no one gets hurt, bend or break the rules and you may have to deal with the River Dragon behind the boathouse!  Ouch!

  • We have designed the Princess Run and Little Dude Dash 1.2 mile (2K) course on the Oklahoma River Trail.  Due to safety and adult concerns, we will do a COMBINED start of Princesses and Little Dudes at 2:00pm again this year.  We will collect everyone in the festival area, have some interactive performances and singers, and then have a fun procession over to the Chesapeake Boathouse!  The kids will start in front of the Chesapeake Boathouse.  They will run west for .6 miles, then turn and come back to the same place to finish and receive their medals.  The river trail is narrow and we will “pinch” the start to allow everyone to spread out once they get running/walking.  Please be courteous and share the joy and the trail!
  • The Princess Run Festival Policy does NOT allow any pets on the run course.  The ONLY exception is for a participant with a need and a trained ‘guide’ animal.  This is an important safety rule!
  • No skates, skateboards, bikes or motorized vehicles (other than OKC Police) are allowed on the course during the run/walks.  Please save these for another time!
  • Baby Strollers must start in the back of the start corral and stay on the right side of the trail the entire time.   Please help us keep this course safe.  Please look out for each other!


Child Safety Policy

  • Our Princess Run Festival Team takes child safety very seriously.  Before the run, we will announce the specific directions of our ‘lost’ person procedure and reveal the colors of the safety team shirts that will be there to help anyone lost, misplaced or otherwise needing help.  When they have identified that a child is ‘misplaced’ – they will stay with that child and be taken to the Devon Boathouse until they are reunited with their responsible party.  So, for you grown-ups, bring your identification with you – we will be confirming that you are who you say you are before releasing the child!  Law enforcement and emergency responders are on the property for the entire event.
  • During the festival and runs, the Princess Run Safety Team will have direct line of sight of EVERY child.  We will be observing from several sites and many will be running with the kids.   Please help us and report to the special colored shirts or race/city officials if you observe any odd or strange behaviors.  The festival will have the same colored safety team that will be watching the activities.
  • Headquarters for the event is inside the Devon Boathouse – lost and found, missing persons, first aid and all other event related operations will be inside the boathouse.  We will have a colored shirt team leader inside with first aid taking any reports or working any emergencies.
  • Enjoy the event – your diligence and cooperation will ensure that our kids have a royally fun experience!

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