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It is our goal to get your questions, comments and other interactions with us answered as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Please direct your questions to our talented team leaders below.  If you are a church group or other organization with larger group numbers looking to either participate or volunteer, we want to help make it easy for you to get your group registered, so shoot us a message.  

General Information & Inquiries – Registration Questions, Groups 
Sheila Kidder, Special Projects Director -
Public/Media Relations Chair
Jeffrey Kidder, Executive Producer –
Festival Chair – Outdoor/Indoor Exhibits/Vendors
Staci Patton – 
Course Chair – Kid’s Activities, Running/Fitness Coach
Sara McCauley –
Volunteer Chair
Sheila Kidder, Director of Special Projects –
Sponsorship Chair
Jeffrey Kidder, Executive Producer –
Event Partnerships – Business Management/Operations
Jeffrey Kidder, Executive Producer –