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Overview:  The Princess Run Festival and Little Dude Dash is designed for kids, ages 12 and under.  The festival is free to attend, but there is a fee to participate in the Princess Run or The Little Dude Dash.  It is our hope that every parent, grandparent and other loved ones help make this magical day down by the river very special for each child.  We want everyone to have “remember when” moments to cherish.  So, please get in the spirit, dress up with your kid in your finest royal attire, and let’s have some fabulous fun and laughs that last a lifetime!

What ages will the participants be?  The race is designed for children 12 and under.  Our youngest participant was 3 months old, all dolled up in a tutu, sound asleep while her mother, all dolled up in her tutu and tiara pushed her in a stroller.  She was still asleep when they crossed the finish line so the medal was handed to her mother.  Oh, the stories we can tell!  Priceless!

Do I have to register to run with my child?  No, you do not.  Only children 12 years and younger need to pay the registration fee.  You may run/walk/push them in a stroller at no additional cost.  We recommend that strollers start in the very back for safety purposes.

Are pets allowed?   Absolutely no pets are allowed on the festival grounds or during the run.  The only exception is if the dog is a certified guide dog.  Also, no skateboards, skates or anything else with wheels.

I want a shirt too!  Can I purchase one for me?  Yes, you can!  As we have every year, we listen to your requests!  This year you will be able to purchase adult size t-shirts for both the Princess Run and Little Dude Dash when you register your child.

Can I register on-site or at packet pick-up?  Well….  Maybe!  This depends on whether the events are sold out or not.  If there are entries still available you most certainly may, but it is not guaranteed.  Better to register early to make sure you get to share this incredible experience with your child.

Are the two races separate or do the Princesses and Little Dudes run together?  It is planned to have the Princesses and Little Dudes run their 2Ks separately.

How far is a 2K?   It is 1.24 miles.

Do you have to run with your child?   Absolutely not…  We have a comprehensive child safety plan that includes spotters all along the route to keep the children safe.  However, some parents want to tag along with the younger kids to make the experience even more enjoyable.

I hear people dress up.  Do I have to?  You heard right!  We had moms and dads (yes, you read dads) don their best tutus and tiaras for the fun.  But it is NOT a requirement!  We want everyone to have a blast and be a kid for the day!  Oh … and the little guys have dressed up like cowboys, superheroes and knights.  In case you need ideas.  And the little girls have been fairies, butterflies, lady bugs, princesses, superheroes … you get the idea!

What do the princesses and little dudes get for the participant fee?  The child gets an event t-shirt and bib at packet pick-up.  When they complete the race they receive a finisher’s medal to commemorate their accomplishment.  There will also be post race refreshments for the participants wearing their event bibs.