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Hey! Welcome to the Grown-up’s section of our web world! We are so thrilled that you have or are considering signing up your kids, your grandkids, or even somebody else’s kids for the Princess Run and Little Dude Dash! Our goal is to make this a one of a kind kids’ experience and great memories for the entire family!

We want you to come back to the website and visit often to check for updates, news and family fun tips, activity ideas, training/fitness tips, food-fun and more! There is so much we can do with and for our kids – like building easy, creative, incredible fun and embedding body movement as well as health education while the fun is in motion! That’s the way we roll! We have a talented team of ‘grown-ups’ (well, sometimes!) that is dedicated to making an incredible impact on our youths experience! Stay tuned for some great family stuff and probably a few pictures of our food, dance and other experiments that might not have ended very well! Yes, there will be photos and videos! The Princess Run lab outtakes!

Grown Up Permission Slip: You hereby have our permission and authorization to be a ‘big kid’ at the festival. You can be part of the festival story, part of the experience and bring that inner kid you know you have in you on April 1st! Think about it, would it really hurt you to come as some character? Fer cryin’ outloud – please let these kids see your imagination and creativity at work! Yes, we’ll provide tips and suggestions! The kids will love it – and of course, depending on your outfit or character choice, they may groan for a bit, but that makes it even more worth it!

Important Child Safety Note: Although we laugh, sing, dance and act like big kids – we take child safety very seriously! We have a complete event safety plan and will be posting the overview of the plan here. The comprehensive plan is to ensure your child is safe at all times and every volunteer has been screened and approved by their supervising chairperson. We will have emergency/medical staff on property as well during the festival hours.

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