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Family Food Fights Rock!

A Few Food Tips…Hey there! We thought it would be great to share through a series of articles some ideas and tips that can help everyone in the family be happier, more active, a little less dependent on ‘technology entertainment” – a little more aware of all the choices we make for ourselves and those we love (most of the time!).

Sometimes it’s just hard to know what is the right thing to do – we are bombed each day with advertising, new studies and all the other ‘health’ news. It’s crazy to think anyone can keep up with all of it! It’s also very tough to make the right choices and stick with them. We know that by taking better care of yourself/family and becoming a healthier home, your rewards are plentiful! You and the family are happier, more confident, manage stress better, have more energy, etc. – and that list keeps going on and on!

Basically, whatever you do, you’ll do better if you are more fit! That is true from age 2 to age 102! So, our approach is simple … keep it simple. Using your common sense makes all the sense in the world. Making small changes, taking small steps and adjusting along the way is what works! Just going outside is a big deal – get outside and play! It’s natural for kids of all ages! Be creative – let everyone in the family suggest fun little activities!

We’ve found through common sense research that a family that has food fights together is a family we want to hang out with! We think that being realistic and not obsessing about food will help the whole family have a ‘healthy’ relationship with food. Learn together, be creative and experiment! Have fun! Here’s a few ideas about food for the family:

  • Let’s start early. Always eat breakfast. It matters, oh yes it does! It’s been proven to boost memory, help moods (we all need that one once in a while!) and gives you better test scores or work output, depending on how old of a kid you are! Be creative – and things like fruit are some health cereals are easy and fast to prepare!
  • Eat more colors! Yes, fruits and veggies! Have fun with it – try different things and eating seasonal foods can help save money as well. Chose whole foods over processed foods. If you can’t pronounce any thing on the ingredient list, it can’t be good!
  • Sweetened drinks = yuck! Yeah, these soft drinks and other sweetened beverages are a large contributor to bad health and bad mojo. It’s known as “America’s Other Drinking Problem.” So, you have to limit them, not even one a day is good for you. Even sports drinks that are promoted to aid in performance and recovery are sweetened. Be smart! Label read. Water is your best friend. Really!
  • Eat meals together! Please! Turn off the TV – sit down at the table and enjoy the food and each other as many days of the week as possible! Everyone benefits, and that’s how a really good food fight starts, with everyone present!
  • Be positive about food. Here we go; “experts” agree that how a family thinks and talks about food has a big impact on health now, and in the future. Be smart! All foods can fit in a balanced diet – just be sensible.